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What’s in a Name? (Why Elemental Affects and not Effects?)

Naming companies is not so easy. Think LOTS of lists and lots of “what about this?” conversations with friends and family. 

And THEN, what do you do after months into the selection process you realize that your favorite choice is not available as a web address?

So, the short version is . . . I started with Elemental Effects. The website was taken, so I thought I’d try out Elemental Affects. And, anybody with even a vague memory of their high school english classes might remember that there is a difference between “effects” and “affects” but like me, couldn’t for the life of me articulate the difference.

So, I started looking into the definition of the word ‘affects.’ While most people don’t really know the difference between the two words, ‘effects’ is usually used as a noun but affects is not — I needed a noun. 

  • As a verb: “have an effect on; make a difference to; touch the feelings of (someone); move emotionally.
  • As a noun: feeling or emotion; an expressed or observed emotional response; affection, passion, sensation, inclination.